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Although the working environment, as well as the minimum wages, have improved in California, the increased wages barely catch up with California’s rising cost of living. As living on the next paycheck, the employees sometimes have to suffer from abuse or harassment at work. As a result, they have no other option than to quit. Are you a victim of abuse or harassment at work? Are you discriminated against due to your sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, or disability? You need to protect your rights. We are Los Angeles, California employee rights lawyers. Contact Lee Law Offices to learn more about your rights and how our firm can protect you.

Los Angeles Employee Rights Lawyer | Fighting for Your Rights

Here at Lee Law Office, we understand just how overwhelming it can be for employees to face wrongdoing in the workplace environment. We also understand how frustrating it can be when HR departments or employers take little or no action to stop the wrongdoing after it is reported, or even when employers/supervisors are the ones committing the wrongdoing themselves. This is why we are dedicated to helping our clients fight for the justice they deserve when they feel powerless. Our firm handles a wide array of employment disputes on behalf of our employee clients, including those involving the following:

  • Harassment
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Discrimination
  • Wage & Hour Law


Harassment can be verbal or physical. Your harasser can be your co-worker, supervisor, or even a non-employee like a customer or a contractor. If you have ever experienced any of the following, you are being harassed:

  • Your supervisor/co-worker makes racist comments.
  • Your supervisor/co-worker makes ageist comments.
  • Your supervisor/co-worker makes sexist comments.
  • Your supervisor/co-worker touches your body parts behind you.
  • Your supervisor/co-worker constantly stares at your body parts.
  • Your supervisor/co-worker removes or tries to remove your hijab.

Wrongful Termination

If you ever experienced any of the following, you were wrongfully terminated from your work and are entitled to your lost wages:

  • Did you get fired after asking for overtime wages or asking to correct your hours worked?
  • Did you get fired after you became pregnant?
  • Did you get fired after you reported harassment or discrimination against you or your co-worker to your supervisor?
  • Did you get fired after you filed your worker’s compensation claim or reported injury at work?
  • Did you get fired after you took family or medical leave?
  • Did you get fired after you reported suspected criminal activity by your employer to a government or law enforcement agency?
  • Did you have no choice but to quit because you could no longer tolerate harassment or discrimination at work?


The law protects you from being discriminated against based on race, sex/gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, pregnancy, and disability. If you have ever experienced any of the following, you are being discriminated against:

  • Your promotion was denied after you became pregnant and your supervisor says, “The company needs someone who will be more dedicated to the position.”
  • Despite having more experience and qualifications than other applicants, you are passed over for a senior position because of your age, sex, or religious belief.
  • Your hours were cut down after you asked for time-off for your medical treatment.
  • You recently found out that your co-workers earn more than you despite having the same experience and qualifications.
  • You are being excluded or isolated by your co-workers.
  • You are given impossible tasks no matter how hard you try.
  • Your supervisor deliberately withholds information that you need to do your job.

Wage & Hour

The state of California has wage & hour laws in place regarding the minimum wage employees in the state are entitled to. Though not every employee qualifies, many do, and if you believe your employer has wrongfully denied you minimum wage, overtime pay, holiday pay, or you are facing any other sort of wage & hour discrepancy, our Los Angeles, California employee rights lawyer is here to help. Some of the wage & hour issues we can help with are as follows:


  • Time & A Half Overtime: You must get paid “one and a half times” your regular wage for any work either (i) exceeding eight (8) hours in one workday or (ii) exceeding forty (40) hours in one workweek. For example, your hourly wage is $20. If you work 10 hours in a workday, your wage for that day is $220 as follows: $20 x 8 hours ($160 – regular wage) plus $20 x 2 hours x 1.5 ($60 – overtime wage).
    Double Overtime: In addition, you must be paid “twice” your regular wage for any work exceeding twelve (12) hours in one workday, or any work exceeding eight (8) hours on the seventh day of a workweek.

Meal Break: You must be provided a meal break of at least thirty (30) minutes after working five (5) hours, and another thirty (30) minute meal break after working additional five (5) hours in a workday. Meal breaks are your time completely away from work and should be completely uninterrupted. You have earned every minute of your meal breaks.

Rest Period: You must be provided ten (10) minutes of rest period for each four (4) hours. The “10-minutes” period is your time to rest from work. You have earned every minute of your rest periods.

Wage Statement: Do you get your wage statements for each pay period? Do your wages statements show your rate of pay, hours worked, regular wage, overtime wage, sick time, etc.?

Timecard: Who makes your timecard? Have you ever seen your timecard? Are you forced to sign your timecard?

Misclassification: Are you (mis)classified as an exempt employee and not getting overtime wages? Are you (mis)classified as an independent contractor and not getting any benefits?

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If you are being harassed, discriminated against, or not paid in full, it is time to take legal action. Our firm is here to make sure you get what you are legally entitled to. No attorney fees unless you get paid. Contact Lee Law Offices today to schedule your initial consultation with our competent and aggressive legal team.