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A class action in an employment setting is a lawsuit where one (former or current) employee represents a group of employees. California employers face more unwarranted class-action lawsuits than ever. Since the class action includes so many other employees, it can be detrimental to your business in terms of operation and finances. You need a Los Angeles, California class action defense attorney with experience and skills to represent you in a class-action lawsuit.

Our firm knows how to tackle and undermine class action lawsuits with a strong defense strategy. We will zealously defend you. In some cases, we defeated class action lawsuits even before being certified as a class action. Contact Lee Law Offices today to learn more and start building a strong wall of defense.

Los Angeles, California Class Action Defense Attorney | Defending Your Company

Are you served with a class action complaint? The term “class action” can cause panic and is intimidating. The current California litigation climate is booming with wage and hour class actions, often instigated by aggressive plaintiff’s attorneys. To defend against a class action, you need lawyers with a deep and comprehensive knowledge of how to tackle class actions. Our team can provide you with an effective and cost-efficient strategic defense against seemingly intimidating class action complaints about the following matters:

  • Failure to pay overtime wages
  • Failure to provide meal and rest breaks
  • Failure to pay overtime wages
  • Failure to provide meal and rest breaks
  • Failure to provide wage statements
  • Failure to timely pay wages due at termination
  • Failure to pay minimum wages
  • Failure to reimburse for business expenses
  • Unfair business practice

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If you are currently facing a class-action lawsuit, you need an attorney who has the knowledge and experience needed to effectively defend you. A class-action lawsuit against an employer can end up costing their company a fortune, and, in the worst case, put them out of business and entail criminal penalties. If your company is facing a class-action lawsuit, contact Lee Law Offices today to consult with one of our attorneys. Our firm is here to defend you, each step of the way.