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Harassment in the workplace is unlawful. Too many employers, however, do not fully understand what constitutes workplace harassment and its consequences. If you have any harassment issue, you should retain an experienced Los Angeles, California sexual harassment defense attorney to represent you. Contact Lee Law Offices today to learn more about how we can help you.

Los Angeles, California Sexual Harassment Defense Attorney

There are two types of harassment: (a) Quid Pro Quo Harassment; and (b) Hostile Work Environment Harassment.

Quid pro quo (meaning, “this for that”) harassment results in a tangible employment decision based upon the employee’s acceptance or rejection of unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors. This can also result from unwelcome conduct that is of a religious nature.

For instance, an employee is fired or denied promotion after she refused her supervisor’s sexual proposition; an employee is required to participate in religious activities as a condition of employment (e.g., prayer meeting, Bible study, etc.); and an employee is offered preferential treatment (e.g., promotion or better job conditions) upon accepting her supervisor’s sexual advances or joining the supervisor’s religion.

Hostile Work Environment Harassment results from the unwelcome conduct of supervisors, co-workers, customers, contractors, or anyone else with whom the victim interacts on the job, and the unwelcome conduct renders the workplace atmosphere intimidating, hostile, or offensive.

For instance, male co-workers or supervisor(s) discussing their sexual activities in the presence of a female employee; telling off-color jokes concerning race, sex, or disability; uninvited touching; commenting on physical attributes; displaying sexually suggestive or racially insensitive pictures; using demeaning or inappropriate words; using indecent gestures; using crude language; sabotaging the victim’s work; and engaging in hostile physical conduct.

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Our firm can provide you with a strong defense against any accusations of sexual harassment in the workplace. We can also help you develop company policies and procedures to prevent all acts of sexual harassment guidelines that set out what you expect of your employees and all others associated with your company. These policies can help clearly outline and define what sexual harassment in the workplace is and help disprove any accusations of sexual harassment in the workplace. Contact Lee Law Offices to schedule your initial consultation with our experienced legal team today. We are here to help you in any way we can.