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No employee ever wants to work in a hostile work environment. All employees are protected from a hostile workplace. However, the term “hostile” can be somewhat subjective. How do you know whether your workplace is hostile or not? How do you make your workplace safe, inviting, and friendly? Does it mean you cannot ever tell your employees what to do, to correct their misbehaviors, or to give negative job performance? Does it mean you cannot ever fire incompetent employees? You need an experienced Los Angeles, California hostile work environment defense attorney on your side. Contact Lee Law Offices today to learn more about what our firm can do for you.

Los Angeles, California Hostile Work Environment Defense Attorney | Protecting Your Business

There are many ways in which a work environment can quickly turn hostile. Typically, hostile work environments are either created by or enabled by management/business owners. Generally, a hostile work environment is created when management either takes part in or allows sexual and/or other types of harassment to occur. That said, in today’s climate, unfortunately, an off-color joke, or one that was made in poor taste can prompt an employee to initiate a harassment claim against their employer. As an employment defense firm, our job is to defend employers from these accusations. You can rely on a Los Angeles County, California employment attorney here at our firm to fight for you.

Employee Rights in California

Employees are afforded many rights under federal and state law. Unfortunately, employees will, at times, take advantage of these rights and try to hold their employers civilly accountable for certain actions they wrongfully believe created a hostile work environment, which can result in a business taking a significant hit. Employees are protected from discrimination and harassment under both the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. In most cases, employers in California will face claims brought forth under the FEHA.

Our Employment Defense Services

Here at Lee Law Offices, we offer our clients a wide array of employment defense services when they are facing accusations of allowing or causing a hostile work environment. If you are accused of taking part in an act of discrimination, sexual harassment, or otherwise, you can depend on us to defend your business from the ramifications of a lawsuit. The importance of a Los Angeles, California hostile work environment defense attorney is invaluable. We can help you institute policies regarding harassment and discrimination in the workplace, and, if you are accused of violating those policies, we can fight to protect your business at every turn.

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Accusations of creating a hostile work environment can damage a business’s reputation and future. Don’t face these accusations alone. Contact Lee Law Offices today to schedule your initial consultation with our experienced legal team.