Are Employers Mandated to Provide Certain Benefits in California?

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When running a business, understanding the benefits that are mandated by state and federal laws is essential to complying with the regulations set in place. However, it is vital to understand that some benefits are simply a means to draw in applicants. After all, it may not be profitable for your company to offer unlimited paid time off or gym memberships. If an employee is accusing you of violating their rights by not providing the minimum benefits, you’ll need a Los Angeles County, California employment attorney to help you protect the reputation of your company. Continue reading to learn more about the mandatory benefits you must provide.

What Benefits Are Federally Required?

There are benefits mandated for all employees to receive across the United States.

Federal law mandates employers must provide unemployment insurance, Social Security and Medicare benefits, worker’s compensation, and health insurance coverage to their employees. It is essential to note that employers are only required to provide the minimum coverage as defined by federal law.

However, many businesses choose to increase perks in some areas in order to draw in potential employees by offering competitive benefits. For many searching for a job, benefits can greatly influence their decision when stuck between two positions.

Does California Mandate Additional Perks?

Aside from the federally regulated benefits, the State of California requires additional benefits employers must offer their workers. For example, employers with five or more employees must provide retirement plan options like a 401k. Should a business owner wish to opt-out, they must register with the Calsavers program to ensure their workers have retirement plan options.

California is also one of five states that mandates that employers offer short-term disability insurance to their employers. However, there are a number of requirements an employee must meet in order to qualify for these benefits.

Employers in California are also required to provide working parents with up to 40 hours of PTO to attend events for their children. This includes graduations, plays, award ceremonies, and other school-sanctioned events. However, a business must have 25 or more employees for this to be offered.

What Should I Do if an Employee Is Suing Over Benefits?

If an employer is filing or threatening a lawsuit, ensuring that you take the necessary steps to protect your business is crucial. Hiring an attorney as soon as possible to review all employment contracts and benefit programs you provide your workers is essential to ensuring you can shield your company from unfounded and unfair claims.

When you need an employment attorney who will fight to represent your business and protect your representation, the Lee Law Offices are ready to help. We will do everything possible to ensure you can continue business as usual despite the claims from an unhappy employee. Contact our firm today to learn how we can help you.