Can You Change Lawyers During an Employment Lawsuit in California?

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You have countless options when it comes to hiring an employment attorney in the Greater Los Angeles area. You can ask friends for recommendations, find one online or call a firm that advertises on TV. However you make contact, it is essential that you hire an attorney capable of bringing your case to a favorable outcome. Unfortunately, it appears you have made a mistake. To learn whether you can change lawyers during an employment lawsuit, please read on, then contact an experienced Los Angeles County, California employment attorney as soon as possible.

How do you know if you need to change lawyers after the start of your employment lawsuit in California?

You may have a plethora of reasons for parting ways with your current employment lawyer, including:

  • The court does not rule in your favor or the outcome is not what you expected
  • You are not confident about your current lawyer’s ability to handle the case
  • You have concerns about your current lawyer’s fees and the costs of the lawsuit
  • You and your current attorney butt heads over important aspects of the case
  • Your current lawyer does not communicate with you
  • You are dissatisfied with the amount of attention your current lawyer is devoting to the case

What are California’s rule for changing employment lawyers?

Section 284 of the California Code, Code of Civil Procedure stipulates that you can change lawyers at any time, but only under certain conditions. You can only change lawyers if:

  • You and your current lawyer agree and the change is documented with the clerk or entered upon the minutes
  • The court orders the change based on an application from you or your current lawyer. after one of you notifies the other of the intent to request such an order

What should you do before you change employment lawyers during a lawsuit in California?

Before you terminate your lawyer, you should first consider the timing of your request. If you and your current lawyer have been involved in this case for years, a new lawyer might not have an incentive to take over the case. The longer a case remains with your current lawyer, the harder it will be for a subsequent lawyer to influence the case with his or her own ideas and methodology.

If you decide a change of representation serves your best interests, you should find a replacement lawyer before you terminate your current one. Once a skilled Los Angeles, California labor lawyer has agreed to take on your case, then you can terminate your old lawyer. Lastly, you should provide your old lawyer with the contact information of your new lawyer, so that they can send their replacement your case file. With an up-to-date case file in hand, your new lawyer can begin an effective legal campaign on your behalf.

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