How Do I Avoid the Most Common Employment Law Violations?

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employment law violations

As a business owner, you value your employees. They do their jobs well, helping make your company the best it can be. Unfortunately, many companies do not appreciate their workers, which can lead to violations of their rights. Understanding the most common employment law violations is crucial to avoiding claims from your workers. If you’re facing baseless claims that you’ve violated your employee’s rights, a Los Angeles County, California employment attorney can help keep your business’s reputation clean.

What Are the Most Common Employment Law Violations?

One of the most common violations applies to businesses that misclassify their workers in order to prevent them from obtaining benefits and property compensation. Generally, companies will often classify employees as independent contractors preventing the worker from receiving the right benefits and wages. Ensuring you classify your employees correctly is crucial to avoid a hefty lawsuit.

Another common violation surrounds retaliation. If an employee blows the whistle about illegal activity occurring within a company, retaliating against that employee for doing so is unlawful. This includes demoting, cutting wages, disciplining, or abusing an employee. There are laws in place that protect whistleblowers from abuse from their company.

Employees who fall under a protected class are also guaranteed a level of protection in the workplace. These classes include race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, and religion. Firing, abusing, or harassing employees because they fall within these classes is illegal and can result in a lengthy legal battle.

Finally, wage theft is a common violation employers may not know they are committing. This includes paying employees less than minimum wage, failing to deliver paychecks on time, or withholding overtime pay. Ensuring your employees receive the compensation they are entitled to is vital to avoid a lawsuit.

Can an Attorney Help Me Navigate Violation Claims?

When you’re company is facing unwarranted claims of violating employment laws, ensuring you have a competent attorney is crucial. Keeping your business’s name clean and free of backlash is crucial to keeping your reputation pristine.

Ensuring you retain all documentation and evidence to help disprove claims is crucial. Without the proper evidence, it can be much harder to disprove claims. Similarly, you should familiarize yourself with the most common laws to ensure you follow them can help protect yourself and your business.

When you need an attorney, ensuring you have a seasoned firm on your side is crucial. At the Lee Law Offices, we understand how hard you’ve worked to get your business where it is. Our dedicated legal team will do everything in our power to help dispel false claims about employment law violations. Reach out today to discuss the details of your case with one of our experienced attorneys.