Protecting Your California Church From A Breach of Fiduciary Accusation

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Employers and those in management roles for both for-profit and non-profit organizations have a fiduciary duty to their employees and to the organization itself. If you or your church is facing a breach of fiduciary duty accusation, you must read on and reach out to a seasoned California church litigation lawyer at Lee Law Offices today.

What are the causes for a breach of fiduciary allegation in California?

Pursuant to Section 9241 of the California Corporations Code, a director must perform his or her duties in accordance with these distinct requirements:

  • Proceeding in the best interest of the organization: The director must make choices in the organization’s best interest and its activities are for the betterment of the organization’s future. Any conflicts of interest must be disclosed from the onset of the relationship.
  • Operating with care: The director must gather necessary facts before making decisions, especially if they involve substantial risk and even if they do not include a financial component.
  • Operating in good faith: The director acts within the capacity of the religious purposes of the organization and the doctrines of the religion itself. He or she should rely upon the advice of experts, church managers and religious advisors.
  • Observing a duty of compliance: The director must ensure the institute is following its own bylaws, follows applicable laws and regulations and obeys to its purpose.

If you face allegations of violating any of these or fiduciary obligations, you should reach out to Lee Law Offices.

How can Lee Law Offices defend you from a breach of fiduciary accusation?

If you are facing a church litigation matter of any sort, you cannot afford to face it alone. For decades, Lee Law Offices has fought on behalf of religious corporations facing a wide array of legal issues. We are prepared to apply that knowledge and experience to defend your dignity and that of your church.