Consumer Fraud in California | What You Should Know

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Operating a business is never an easy task. As an owner, you must see to any number of considerations on a given day. Unfortunately, you and your business now face accusations of defrauding consumers, placing your business in a precarious position. Even if you successfully fend off these charges, your business may suffer irrevocable and long-lasting harm. If you are facing a lawsuit for unfair or deceptive business practices, please read on, then contact an experienced Los Angeles, California commercial litigation lawyer to learn what you should know about consumer fraud in California.

What is consumer fraud in California?

Broadly defined, consumer fraud occurs when a person suffers from a financial loss involving a business using deceptive, unfair or false business practices. Some common examples of consumer fraud include identity theft, credit card fraud, debt collection fraud (or unfair debt collection practices, spam robocalls, and more.

As alluded to above, there are many other actions that can conceivably constitute consumer fraud under the laws of the state of California. That said, both state and federal laws do shield consumers from fraudulent activity.

How much could a consumer fraud lawsuit cost your California business?

Under California’s Civil Code 1780(a), if a jury finds that you engaged in consumer fraud, you could be subject to the following penalties:

  • Having to pay actual and/or punitive damages
  • Restitution of the plaintiff’s property
  • Abiding by an order enjoining such methods, acts or practices
  • Any other relief that the court deems proper

It should go without saying that these penalties could cost you dearly and lead to lifelong difficulties starting with the dissolution of your business. To protect your business, you should reach out to a skilled Los Angeles, California labor lawyer to discuss your next steps.

How can a Los Angeles labor lawyer help you?

An experienced labor lawyer not only understands how the law is applied but can zealously protect your business. When taken out of its proper context, any action may seem suspect. Our firm will help put those actions in their proper context. We will vigorously argue that you did not, in fact, engage in consumer fraud in any form and/or that the plaintiff did not come to harm. More than anything, our team can help handle the burden of navigating California’s corporate and employment laws so that you can dedicate your attention to being a successful business owner.

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