Hostile Work Environment in California | What You Should Know

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No one ever wants to work in a hostile work environment, which is why the state of California offers employees certain protections. Nevertheless, the term “hostile” can be rather subjective. What makes a work environment hostile? Sometimes, the Golden State’s employment laws can be exploited when a hostile work environment does not, in fact, exist. If you are face accusations of fostering a hostile work environment, please read on, then contact an experienced Los Angeles hostile work environment defense attorney to learn what you should know about a hostile work environment in California.

What criteria must an alleged hostile work environment meet in California?

Certain situations may lead to an alleged hostile work environment. Some of the most common include sexual harassment, bullying in the workplace, or discriminatory harassment.

If a current or former employee has accused you of the above-listed actions or any other discriminatory behavior, or you would like to prevent such accusations from even happening, you would be well advised to reach out to a skilled Los Angeles County, California employment attorney to discuss your next steps.

How can a Los Angeles labor lawyer help you?

A qualified legal professional from our firm can help you institute policies regarding harassment and discrimination to forestall your business from being labeled a hostile work environment in the first place. If it is too late for that, then our firm can apprise you of your rights and responsibilities and launch a vigorous defense for your business at every turn. You can depend on us to defend your business from the ramifications of a lawsuit. Don’t face these accusations alone. Give us a call today.

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