Debunking the Biggest Commercial Litigation Myths in California

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In the course of running your business, you have very likely come across several myths about commercial litigation in California. These myths may sound compelling but the truth is that many simply are not true, and believing in them can end up costing you and your business dearly. If you would like more information on the truth behind these commercial litigation myths, please read on, then contact an experienced Los Angeles, California commercial litigation lawyer today.

What is the truth behind the biggest commercial litigation myths in California?

While many business transactions go according to plan, some lead to disputes. These disputes can arise out of a number of situations such as breaches of contract, intellectual property infringement, breaches of fiduciary duty, corporate disputes and tortious interference. These disputes can and should be resolved by whatever means prove necessary, including commercial litigation. Many entities purposefully spread mis- and disinformation in order to discourage commercial lawsuits. The following contains the truth behind some of the biggest myths:

  • Lawyers destroy small businesses: Lawyers tend to have a bad reputation because large companies hire lawyers to wield their power over a smaller opponent, but the truth is that business law lawyers want your business to succeed. They can help in leveling the playing field against larger corporations, by providing you with advice to reduce your liability and risks.
  • You only need a lawyer when there are problems: Do not wait until you are faced with litigation to speak with an attorney, because you might miss out on opportunities to improve your bottom line. A lawyer can apprise you of these opportunities as they appear.
  • Lawyers are expensive: Lawyers can charge a wide range of rates. Regardless of rates, a seasoned commercial litigation lawyer has the potential to protect, if not boost your bottom line.
  • You can copyright by mailing your work: This may sound appealing because of the supposed ease it offers busy business owners, but this is not the proper method for establishing copyright. While it might work in a private settlement, it will not be sufficient in a court of law. A qualified business lawyer can help you establish protections for all of your business assets, including non-disclosure agreements and employment contracts.
  • Contracts should be complicated: If you are tasked with making a contract, do not try to make it more complicated than it needs to be, because the best business contracts are the ones that are clear, concise and address all of the relevant terms. The more terms and language you have in a contract, the greater the opportunity an opposing lawyer has to poke holes in it.

If you have any further questions about commercial litigation, please do not hesitate to reach out to a skilled Los Angeles, California labor lawyer.

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