What Should You Know About Tortious Interference with Contract in California?

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As an owner of a Golden State business, you are always looking for ways to expand and boost profits, whether it is breaking into new markets or negotiating new or revised contracts. However, you should be advised that a wide range of alleged actions may open you and your business up to all sorts of legal jeopardy. One such example is tortious interference with a contract. If you are asking yourself what that is, please read on, then contact an experienced Los Angeles, California commercial litigation lawyer to learn what you should know about tortious interference with a contract.

How does California define tortious interference with a contract?

Tortious interference with a contract involves situations where one party does something to intentionally undermine another party’s business transactions or contractual relationships. It occurs when someone induces a breach of contract between two third parties.

What are the elements of tortious interference with a contract in California?

For a plaintiff to prove tortious interference with a contract, he or she must demonstrate the following:

  • A contract existed between the plaintiff and a third party
  • The defendant knew about the contract
  • The defendant engaged in conduct that prevented or hindered the performance of the contract
  • The defendant intended this result or knew it was likely
  • This harmed the plaintiff, and
  • The defendant’s conduct substantially caused this harm

If the plaintiff establishes these elements, he or she may be entitled to compensation.

Depending on the exact circumstances of the case, the award to the plaintiff could reach well into the six- or seven-figure amount. As such, if you have been accused of engaging in tortious interference with a contract, you would be well advised to reach out to a skilled Los Angeles, California labor lawyer today.

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