Defending Against Misappropriation of Trade Secrets in California

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If you need assistance protecting trade secrets, please read on, then contact an experienced Los Angeles, California commercial litigation lawyer to learn more about defending against the misappropriation of trade secrets in California.

What constitutes the misappropriation of trade secrets in California?

Under California law, “misappropriation” refers to the acquisition of a trade secret by someone who knows or has reason to know that the trade secret was acquired by improper or unlawful means, such as theft or coercion. That said, if you believe your trade secret was misappropriated it and you’re looking to pursue a claim, you’ll need to prove that your information was:

  • Unknown outside of the particular business entity
  • Known only by employees and others involved in the business
  • Subject to reasonable measures to guard the secrecy of the information
  • Valuable
  • Difficult for others to properly acquire or independently duplicate

What are some examples of trade secrets in California?

Based on the above-listed criteria, trade secrets can include a wide range of information, including customer contact information, techniques/processes, software, not yet patented inventions, classified marketing information, and more.

For more information on trade secrets and how you can protect them, you should reach out to a skilled Los Angeles, California labor lawyer to discuss your next steps.

How can a Los Angeles County labor lawyer help you?

Under California law, a qualified legal professional can protect your trade secrets from misuse by a thief through a court order – an injunction. He or she can file an injunction whether the misappropriation is actual or threatened, in order to eliminate any commercial advantage that otherwise would be derived from the misappropriation. If the case warrants it, your lawyer will help condition future use of your trade secret upon payment of a reasonable royalty for as long as the use could have been prohibited.

Additionally, your lawyer will advise you as to the feasibility of seeking financial compensation that measures the actual loss attributed to the theft or the unjust enrichment acquired by the trade secret thief. It might even be possible for you to receive punitive damages up to twice the amount of any award. Let us fight to protect your business. Please give us a call today.

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