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Even the quietest, most stereotypically “white collar” businesses are not without their perils. Office workers can injure themselves just as badly as those employed in industrial trades. As a business owner, you do your utmost to follow state and federal regulations governing workplace safety. But now an employee has filed a lawsuit alleging you allowed for the development of unsafe working conditions. Please read on, then contact an experienced Los Angeles whistleblower defense attorney to learn what you should know about an unsafe work environment in California.

What constitutes an unsafe work environment in California?

Critical to defending against a whistleblower complaint alleging you and/or your company have fostered an unsafe work environment is understanding how the government defines this matter. Per the requirement of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), employers must do the following:

  • Provide a hazard-free workplace that complies with OSHA standards
  • Regularly conduct inspections to determine if the workplace complies with OSHA safety standards
  • Ensure that employees use properly maintained equipment and tools
  • Warn of potential hazards with posters, labels and/or color coding
  • Make sure employees understand the health and safety rules
  • Regularly update and communicate operating procedures related to safety issues
  • Provide safety training in a language  understood by employees
  • Implement a written program to communicate information relating to hazardous chemicals
  • Train employees in intervention methods
  • Post employee safety rights and responsibilities
  • Maintain accurate illness and injury reports

Failing to adhere to all of the above could result in serious penalties in addition to an unfavorable whistleblower decision. Even the most minor of violations can lead to fines in the tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How do you refute accusations of fostering an unsafe work environment in California?

First off, you would be well-advised to retain the services of a skilled Los Angeles County, California employment attorney to discuss your options and tailor a specific defense strategy. Regardless of your case’s unique circumstances, you and your attorney will argue that the working conditions did not present the threat of serious physical harm or death either in the near- or long-term. He or she will also help collect and present evidence that you regularly removed any and all potential threats that you knew or reasonably should have known about and, thus, the plaintiff’s accusations are baseless/false. Quite possibly, your attorney might be able to prove that your employee(s) sustained their injuries through non-work-related activities. More than anything, our firm will fight to preserve your good name. Unfavorable outcomes can bankrupt you, so please give us a call today.

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