What Makes for a Good Employment Attorney in California?

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Popular media may have given you the impression that a great employment lawyer treats litigation as a frivolous matter and substitutes arrogance for a thorough understanding of the law. If so, you are placing yourself at a disadvantage. For a better sense of what constitutes good legal representation, please keep reading, then contact an experienced Los Angeles County, California employment attorney today. Some traits that a good California employment attorney should have include:


Contrary to what you may think, humility does not equate to fear or weakness. Rather, it indicates that your representative has a pragmatic understanding of the extreme difficulties that employment litigation poses for all parties involved. Consequently, he or she knows that a favorable outcome will require maximum skill and ability. If your lawyer minimizes the possible ramifications of your case or does not take your concerns seriously, you may want to rethink your choice of representative.

Confident courage

To both clients and the lawyers they hire, employment litigation may drag on for what feels like forever and ravage your mental, emotional and financial well-being. If your current or former employee went so far as to file a lawsuit, you should anticipate that they will employ every means at their disposal to besmirch your character and reputation and obtain financial compensation. It is only reasonable that you might become disheartened. However, an employment lawyer who remains realistic about the challenges of your case, but fights them with vigor and confidence can help you prevail.

Patient listening

It is quite possible that your case results from an employee who did not carefully listen to you or disclose pertinent information that would have led to a constructive working relationship. Similarly, if your lawyer interrupts you, tells you what you think or feel or sees you as a case as opposed to a client, you should seek legal representation elsewhere.


After you have told your lawyer all he or she should know, he or she should possess the ability to reframe the event into a narrative that all people, judges and juries included, can relate to. For instance, so long as an employer does not engage in discrimination, breach of contract, fostering a hostile work environment, sexual harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination or illegal activity, he or she does not have to be warm and inviting. A good storyteller should have the capability of explaining the difference.


Navigating employment litigation requires more than a comprehensive knowledge of the law, it requires extensive resources, financial and otherwise. A good employment litigation lawyer should have the resources for:

  • Hiring quality experts
  • Running focus groups, and
  • Creating compelling trial exhibits

Deprived of these things, a judge or jury might not interpret the evidence your way and decide against you.

If you have any additional questions or would like to begin planning your defense strategy, speak with a skilled Los Angeles, California labor lawyer today.


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