What Should I Do If I’m Accused of Disability Discrimination?

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There are few things more devastating to an employer and their business’s reputation than claims of discrimination. Unfortunately, these claims are often frivolous and not based in reality, yet they can still have a significant impact on a business. One of the most common discrimination claims we see our business owner clients face is disability discrimination. Please continue reading and reach out to a competent Los Angeles discrimination defense attorney from the Lee Law Offices to learn more about these claims and how we can fight for the future of your business. Here are some of the questions you may have:

Does California law favor employees who make claims of disability discrimination?

In most cases, California is an “employment at will” state, which means that employers can hire, or fire, any employee for any reason, as long as it’s not because of a protected characteristic, such as an employee’s race or a disability. That said, the state of California gives employees more leeway when it comes to bringing claims of discrimination against their employers, which, unfortunately, translates to lots of baseless lawsuits against employers that are often successful. This can be devastating to a business’s bottom line and reputation, which is why it is so important that anyone facing accusations of disability discrimination hires a competent discrimination defense lawyer.

Can an attorney help me fight a discrimination claim?

Yes. In fact, once you’re faced with a claim of discrimination either under state employment laws or the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, the only person you should hire to defend your business is a competent discrimination defense attorney. Lee Law Offices has extensive experience representing businesses facing these accusations, and we’re here to put that experience to work for you. Once you hire us and tell us the circumstances of your case, we can assess any potential holes or contradictions in the employee’s story (or downright falsehoods) and use them to your advantage. We know just how hard you’ve worked to ensure the prosperity of your business, and we will do everything in our power to protect it. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.